Cdn. privacy watchdogs concerned about online child exploitation – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Children need better protection against personal and commercial exploitation online, federal, provincial and territorial privacy commissioners and ombudsmen

Ontario on road to licence revamp
Toronto Sun – Ontario, Canada
The proposal has raised some troubling questions for Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s information and privacy commissioner. The Canada Border Services Agency will

Ontario to develop enhanced photo ID for cross-border travel
The Canadian Press – TORONTO
Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has said she’s apprehensive about the security of citizenship information that’s stored on chips that are

Watchdog urges firms to lock up customer digital data
Globe and Mail – Canada
a company has failed to implement elementary security measures such as using encryption on laptops,” Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said in her

Facebook privacy
National Post – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
In a complaint filed with Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, law students accuse Facebook of 22 violations of Canadian privacy laws.

Privacy breaches ‘epidemic,’ commissioner says
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
and loose with Canadians’ personal information that data breaches have become virtually “epidemic,” federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says.

Data breaches by companies still too frequent, says privacy czar
The Canadian Press – OTTAWA
In a report to Parliament, Jennifer Stoddart also says her office too often doesn’t hear about potentially harmful breaches. Stoddart says there were just

Companies underestimate threat of data spills, says privacy – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said many companies continue to leave laptops unprotected without proper firewalls and encryption.

Consumers face ‘inexcusable’ security gaps: report – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Jennifer Stoddart’s annual report on whether companies are complying with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act,

Facebook Investigated In Canada Over Shady Privacy Policy
Portal IT – Bucharest,Romania
Their letter to Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart reads the following: “Initially when a user joins Facebook, his or her profile is only viewable by other

Lack of basic privacy and security measures causing major data
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
because companies have ignored some of the most basic steps to protect personal information, says the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, Jennifer Stoddart.

Facebook Embroiled in Canadian Privacy Controversy
MacNewsWorld – Encino,CA,USA
According to Canadian law, Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has up to one year to investigate the complaint and make recommendations.

Facebook’s privacy policies investigated in Canada
BetaNews – USA
In their letter to Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, the students also allege Facebook has not been “upfront about its advertisers’ use of personal

Voices: Internet privacy
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
It would be an unacceptable breach of privacy. If they do it, I hope they’ll be sued out of existence. It’s simple for the most part,

Data breaches by companies still too common, says privacy czar
The Canadian Press – OTTAWA
“There’s a trend around the world of privacy commissioners taking this stand (in favour of mandatory reporting.” The move will require amendments to the

Biz told to mind your privacy
Edmonton Sun – Alberta, Canada
By CHRISTINA SPENCER, NATIONAL BUREAU Canada’s privacy commissioner wants to force companies to report leaks or breaches of personal information.

Privacy flaw exposes Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan’s private
All of these hacks wouldn’t be possible if their “privacy through obscurity” MySpace profiles weren’ta public secret. For instance Paris Hilton’s private

Privacy advocates criticize Google home page
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
By Joseph Menn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Google Inc. and privacy advocates are in a fight over valuable real estate:

Google stingy with its privacy policy
San Francisco Chronicle – CA, USA
Consumer groups asked Google Inc. to make its privacy policy more visible Tuesday, arguing that California law requires the company to place a link to the

Google accused of privacy violations
Web User – London,UK
Privacy groups have accused Google of obscuring the location of its privacy policy by not providing a direct link to the five-page document on its home page

Google Hit Over Privacy Policy – Lake Oswego,OR,USA
A coalition of privacy advocacy groups has criticized Google for not providing a link to its privacy policy directly from its homepage, and say that might

Facebook privacy
National Post – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
In a complaint filed with Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, law students accuse Facebook of 22 violations of Canadian privacy laws.

Google accused over privacy law
BBC News – UK
By Maggie Shiels Privacy groups are accusing Google of violating California law in its reluctance to provide a direct link to its privacy policy on its

Calls for Google homepage privacy link
DaniWeb – Herndon,VA,USA
Google would argue that it does not need to make the privacy policy it has any easier to find, after all you only have to click the ‘About Google’ link on

Google Asked to Add Link to Privacy Policies
New York Times – United States
By JAIKUMAR VIJAYAN, Computerworld, IDG In the latest indication of the growing unease in some quarters over Google Inc.’s privacy policies, a coalition of

Consumer groups: Google plays hide and seek with privacy policy
Los Angeles Ti
mes – CA,USA

Several top consumer groups wrote an open letter to the Web search leader today, accusing it of violating a California law by failing to link to its privacy

Privacy breaches ‘epidemic,’ commissioner says
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
As a result, we see deficient safeguards, lackadaisical privacy and security policies and procedures,” she stated. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Google attacked over privacy policy visibility
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Google is facing the wrath of privacy advocates once again over concerns that it’s not posting its privacy policy “conspicuously” enough to comply with

Google asked to add home page link to privacy policies
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
By Jaikumar Vijayan June 3, 2008 (Computerworld) In the latest indication of the growing unease in some quarters over Google Inc.’s privacy policies,

Audio: Reducing Everyday Privacy Risks
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
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Privacy Advocates to Express Concern About Child Privacy Online
Government of Canada Newsroom (press release) – Ottawa,ON,Canada
Regina, June 3, 2008 – Canada’s privacy commissioners and ombudsmen representing federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions will host a press

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