SSHA responds to EHR criticism – Toronto,ON,Canada
Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) has hit back at criticism from Ontario’s Information Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian on the progress made so far

32000 farmers data on stolen laptop
Winnipeg Free Press – Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
Earlier this week, privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart tabled her annual report on whether companies are complying with Canada’s Personal Information

Report: Canadian data privacy a mess
United Press International – USA
In an annual report, Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said banks generated the most complaints — 105 of 350 — of alleged violations of Canada’s Personal

Use of investigation firms sparks privacy complaints against insurers
Canadian Underwriter – Toronto,ON,Canada
“We understand there may be a need for covert collection of personal information where other less privacy-invasive efforts have failed,” Jennifer Stoddart,

Biz told to mind your privacy
Edmonton Sun – Alberta, Canada
Jennifer Stoddart said around the world “there’s a call for mandatory data-breach reporting so that people can be aware of when their personal information

Canadians believe personal data at risk
Reuters – USA
“Canadians are quite conscious and concerned about the situation,” said Jennifer Stoddart, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada who oversees compliance with

Copyright reform bill appears to be in limbo – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
In January, Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart also wrote to the government to say that copyright reform should not come at the expense of personal

Canadian privacy officials take aim at commercial exploitation – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
REGINA — Protecting the online privacy of Canadian youth is a monumental task in today’s high-tech, computer-savvy world. On Wednesday, Canada’s privacy

Privacy chiefs seek better online protection for kids – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Canada’s privacy watchdogs are warning young people to protect their personal information online — and they are urging governments to help them.

Canada’s privacy czars warn young surfers to be more careful on
The Canadian Press – REGINA
REGINA — Canada’s privacy watchdogs want young people to be more aware of where their personal information goes when they punch it into websites such as

Ontario Privacy Commissioner on Facebook’s friends list – Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
Even as Canada’s Privacy Commissioner is about to investigate a complaint about Facebook’s alleged breach of Canadian privacy law, Ontario’s Privacy

Scientists use mobile phones to track human ‘migration’ patterns – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The researchers obtained the data from mobile phone networks, but did not have access to any individual’s identity, for privacy reasons.

Privacy fear over networking profiles
Scotsman – United Kin

ALMOST eight in ten internet users who are members of social networking sites would change the personal information they have put online if they believed it

Google Under Fire Over Privacy Policy
Search Engine Journal – USA
Earlier this week, consumer groups requested that Google make its privacy policy more visible, making the argument that under California law the company is

What ever happened to our privacy?
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Am I living in a world where privacy doesn’t matter? One where my right to do what I want within legal boundaries is stymied by the incorrigible desire to

Study tracking people via cell phone raises privacy issues
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
remained within a 20-mile radius of their home over a six-month period, the study, nonetheless, raised privacy issues, according to a report in CNN.

Campaigners call for Google privacy policy link
A conglomerate of privacy groups has called for Google to link to its privacy policy from its homepage, claiming not to do so contravenes Californian law.

Sharing medical information on Google Health a risk to privacy
Economic Times – Gurgaon,Haryana,India
LONDON: Sharing medical information on Web sites like Google Health may be problematic for people when it comes to their privacy, warn experts.

Cellphone Tracking Study Shows We’re Creatures of Habit
New York Times – United States
The use of cellphones to track people, even anonymously, has implications for privacy that make this “a troubling study,” said Marc Rotenberg,

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