CPR for Monday, June 9, 2008

Guarding personal data
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
As federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart noted in a report last week, “TJX was one of many companies gambling with Canadians’ personal information.

Facebook faces fresh privacy probe
PrecisionMarketing – London,England,UK
from the Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic have filed the complaint with Canada’s Federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart.

Make firms report stolen financial data — Editorial (add your comment)
Sudbury Star – Sudbury,Ontario,Canada
And Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart said in her annual report that thousands of Canadians have had their personal information breached,

Privacy now trumps security for Tories
Edmonton Sun – Alberta, Canada
By SUN MEDIA MONTREAL — Security issues have taken a back seat to privacy issues since the Maxime Bernier-Julie Couillard scandal came to a head a few

Opinion: Top 5 mistakes of privacy awareness programs
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
In a poll two years ago of members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals, three quarters of respondents said their companies do some

How safe is instant messaging? A security and privacy survey
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
But not all IM networks offer the same privacy and security. To chart the differences, CNET News.com surveyed companies providing popular IM services and

Groups Call for Investigation of ISP Ad Targeting
PC World – USA
Fifteen US and Canadian privacy and consumer groups have called for a congressional investigation into a Missouri broadband provider’s plans to deliver

New ISO standard will help safeguard privacy of financial data in
PublicTechnology.net – UK
A new ISO [International Organization for Standardization] standard will help to safeguard the privacy of people’s financial data when being processed by

ID cards ‘could threaten privacy
BBC News – UK
The Home Affairs Select Committee called for proper safeguards on the plans for compulsory ID cards to stop “function creep” threatening privacy.

Cavalcade of privacy watchdogs bark for data pimping probe
Register – London,England,UK
By Cade Metz in San Francisco → More by this author Fifteen privacy watchdogs – yes, fifteen – have tossed a letter at Congress, urging the House

MySpace Privacy Flaw Exposes Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan Pics
CRN – Manhasset,NY,USA
Social networking giant MySpace discovered what appeared to be the first major privacy breach since the recent launch of its Data Availability initiative

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