CPR for Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My interview with Ann Cavoukian for the EBF
By johnnyryan
Ann Cavoukian is the Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, and was the leading figure referenced last week by Peter Fleischer, Google’s Chief Privacy Counsel, who was speaking at the IIEA Digital Future Group that I run .

Experts say consumers can minimize fraud risk
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
Contact the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse for additional tips on safeguarding your identity at privacyrights.org. For more information on your free credit

Law Enforcement Use of Cell Info Raises New Privacy Concerns
The Heartland Institute – Chicago,IL,USA
Kramer says consumers often misunderstand their privacy rights. Though the content of phone calls is private, a cell phone number is property of the

Gnu Privacy Guard
LubbockOnline.com – Lubbock,TX,USA
“Gnu Privacy Guard”, or GPG, is an open source version of the commercial program, PGP, or “Pretty Good Privacy“. It is a well known, well documented,

Drug reminder bill raises privacy concerns
Sacramento Bee – CA, USA
By Aurelio Rojas – arojas@sacbee.com Privacy concerns have been raised about a bill moving through the California Legislature that would let pharmacies

Privacy Please: Your Intimate Details Hit the Internet
InjuryBoard.com – Tampa,FL,USA
In a time where reality television is now the norm, rather than the exception, privacy is a rare commodity. We want to know everything about our next door

Mind reading by MRI scan raises ‘mental privacy‘ issue
Telegraph.co.uk – United Kingdom
However, he warned about potential privacy issues in the future when scanning techniques improve, so they could be used to evaluate brain scans,

Privacy Issues Continue To Evolve In BT
Mediapost.com – New York,NY,USA
One thing has not changed — the issue of privacy. Ensuring a user’s privacy was then and is now at the forefront of all solutions developed in the targeted

Companies Under Fire For Privacy Faux Pas
Mediapost.com – New York,NY,USA
“We are concerned that such ISP wiretapping schemes may violate multiple privacy laws and policies,” a consortium of 15 groups said Friday in a letter to

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