CPR for Monday, June 23, 2008

Ontario’s privacy commissioner orchestrates voice biometrics
InterGovWorld.com – Toronto,ON,Canada
Combining encryption with voice biometrics shows promise for protecting privacy while also improving consumer services, said Ann Cavoukian, Information and

Privacy piracy
Globe and Mail – Canada
Exactly what privacy reasons? This is pure fiction. Privacy is an easy scapegoat to hide behind. I have spoken out for years about the trend of public

StrongMail Survey Unearths Shocking Data Privacy Abuse by UK
IT Business Net – Newport Beach,CA,USA
Remove the extra space if one exists) The Ponemon Institute(C) is dedicated to advancing responsible information and privacy management practices in

What Privacy Policy?
Forbes – NY,USA
A study released Monday by the privacy-focused Ponemon Institute and funded by e-mail marketing firm Strongmail reveals a disturbing disconnect in companies

Porn, privacy and the US judge
New Statesman – London,England,UK
Any 20-year-old can tell you: There is no privacy on the Internet. So why didn’t Judge Alex Kozinski — at 57 the new chief judge of the federal appeals

Privacy vs Convenience: What’s The Optimum Balance?
EDN.com – Newton,MA,USA
By Category Given my past published strong feelings about diminished privacy in the burgeoning online era, I admittedly surprised myself at how casually I

Changing Internet & Privacy Erosion
GigaOm – San Francisco,CA,USA
Back in 1999, much to chagrin of privacy advocates, he quipped, “You have zero privacy anyway…Get over it.” These recent developments only give credence to

Marketers mucking up data-privacy efforts
NetworkWorld.com – Southborough,MA,USA
By Ellen Messmer , Network World , 06/23/2008 Corporate data-privacy specialists think they’re influencing their organizations to safeguard customers’

How much is privacy worth?
Concord Monitor – Concord,NH,USA
When Shaw’s began its surveillance program, many Monitor letter writers expressed valid concerns about privacy and the potential for data misuse.

Governments gather a lot of data, but state law protects your privacy
Pioneer Press – St. Paul,MN,USA
(Minnesota’s law predates the grossly inadequate federal “Privacy Act” by a few months.) The provisions of the Minnesota law eventually became a part of the

The New Surveillance Bill: The Worst of Both Worlds
AlterNet – San Francisco,CA,USA
On fundamental matters of privacy and accountability, the new FISA Amendments Act reduces the separation of powers to a check-the-box exercise.

Digital records imperil privacy
Baltimore Sun – United States
There’s more at stake here than patient privacy: No patient or doctor should be forced to cede authority over private medical decisions to self-interested

Time to update the Privacy Act?
FCW.com – Falls Church,VA,USA
By Mary Mosquera Lawmakers say they might update the Privacy Act this year with a consensus proposal that could pass without controversy, or they might wait

GAO: Senior privacy officials need authority
FCW.com – Falls Church,VA,USA
By Mary Mosquera Agencies need to delegate oversight to their senior privacy officials to ensure the government protects the personal data it collects,

Why The ‘Third Party Doctrine’ Undermines Online Privacy Protections
Techdirt – USA
A couple of weeks ago, Kerr posted a draft paper defending the doctrine, arguing that it brings clarity and simplicity to privacy law and avoids the need

Sweden adopts eavesdropping legislation
SC Magazine UK – London,England,UK
The bill has caused outrage among privacy campaigners who argue that it infringes civil liberties. Protesters have been standing outside the Swedish

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