CPR for Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Privacy watchdog didn’t endorse ‘virtual strip search’
Canada.com – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Canada’s privacy watchdog says it did not approve or endorse a controversial test project underway this week in a BC airport – despite a government news

Senate Hearing On Laptop Seizures At US Border
Slashdot – USA
At a Senate hearing tomorrow, privacy advocates and industry groups will urge the lawmakers to take action to protect the data and privacy of Americans not

City seeks to balance effectiveness, privacy in camera net
Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Pittsburgh,PA,USA
“We’re trying to strike a balance here,” said Public Safety Director Michael Huss, between “privacy and utilizing this camera system in what we think will

City Draws Up Privacy Policy For Crime Surveillance Cameras
Pittsburgh Channel.com – Pittsburgh,PA,USA
A proposed 13-page privacy policy being submitted to City Council by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is intended to guard against that possibility.

Editorial: Surveillance law won’t do enough to protect privacy
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
Then, in August, Congress made matters worse by passing the Protect America Act, which rolled back privacy protections even more. The FISA update makes some

Charter Communications delays use of NebuAd snooping tool
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
Charter had planned to test such a service from Silicon valley start-up NebuAd, but came under immediate fire from privacy advocates and members of Congress

Charter suspends ad program over privacy fears
Reuters – USA
“Given the serious privacy concerns raised by the sophisticated ad-serving technology Charter Communications planned to test market, I am pleased to hear

Survey rats out data UK data losses
IT PRO – London,England,UK
A key finding of the 2008 UK Study on Email Marketing Practices & Privacy commissioned by StrongMail was that email marketing emerged as the biggest risk to

20 nurses fired from SJ Healthcare for violating privacy laws
Gloucester County Times – NJ.com – Woodbury,NJ,USA
by South Jersey News Online By MATT DUNN BRIDGETON — The number of nurses fired from South Jersey Healthcare in 2008 for violating patient privacy laws may

SocialMedia to Push Privacy Boundaries with Social Banner Ads
Mashable – San Francisco,CA,USA
And given that users can set privacy controls to bar SocialMedia from going so far as using the image, it is essentially giving networkers free reign as to

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