CPR for Friday, June 27, 2008

Public Forum on Ontario’s proposed Enhanced Driver’s Licence set
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Dr. Ann Cavoukian, has noted privacy issues to be addressed in such an EDL proposal.

Charter Drops Plan With NebuAd, Cites Privacy Concerns
E Canada Now – Brantford,Ontario,Canada
the same reason Charter decided to suspend it. Charter stated they would suspend the plan until further notice to protect the privacy of their consumers.

NebuAd: The Third Rail for ISPs?
InternetNews.com – USA
By Kenneth Corbin: More stories by this author: Facing objections from lawmakers and privacy advocates, Charter Communications, the nation’s fourth-largest

After Charter’s Decision To Drop NebuAD, Will Other ISPs Follow?
BroadbandReports.com – New York,NY,USA
Customer backlash, fears that the technology could violate several privacy and wiretap laws, and the threat of Congressional investigation caused Charter

US cable TV ad plans may face privacy concerns
Reuters – USA
O: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) and social networking site Facebook have faced many questions on their privacy practices.

White House says spy bill telecom protection vital
Reuters – USA
It would revamp US spy laws, increase oversight of US intelligence activities and bolster privacy protection — but not as much as civil liberties groups

Housing bill provision rattles privacy, small business groups
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
But the process has raised the concerns of privacy groups as well as small business organizations over higher risk of identity theft and a greater financial

Private E-Mail, a Company Computer and a Question of Privacy
New York Times – United States
But courts have also recognized greater privacy protection for e-mail messages sent using personal, Web-based e-mail accounts. For example, earlier this

Privacy? Hah!
NetworkWorld.com – Southborough,MA,USA
As IT people, we control an awful lot of data, that data really is not being guarded, and people really need to know just how much privacy they don’t have.”

Recommended Principles for Updating Privacy Laws
Center for Democracy and Technology – Washington,DC,USA
Federal privacy laws have historically been successful in helping to protect personal information in the hands of federal government.

More ISPs in Privacy Hot Seat Over Deals with NebuAD
PC World – USA
with NebuAd to track its users browsing habits to provide more accurate targeted advertising, a move that brings about significant privacy concerns.

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