Face recognition among tools to guard technology
By David Canton
“As long as the passkey is kept secure, the encrypted data cannot be viewed in ‘plain text’ format, even if intercepted,” commissioner Ann Cavoukian says. Privacy commissioners are strong advocates of encryption.
eLegal Canton – http://canton.elegal.ca/
Protecting privacy in a nation of Facbook addicts
ITBusiness.ca – Scarborough,Ontario,Canada
Ontario Privacy Commissioner Anne Cavoukian has been working with Facebook to educate 7 million Canadian users about the privacy risks.
Privacy data breaches jump 69% in first half of 2008
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
The number of publicly reported privacy breaches jumped 69% in the first six months of the year from the same period in 2007, according to the nonprofit
Privacy advocate to avoid charge (7:08 pm)
WTVR – Richmond,VA,USA
(AP) – A privacy advocate who posted Social Security numbers on a Web site to show that the government had failed to protect individuals’ privacy will not
Could some uses of OpenID create a large privacy issue?
Is there a possible privacy issue or could the two technologies be used to strengthen OpenID? VeriSign assured me that there could be no collusion between
New FBI database, with biometrics a-plenty, really upsets privacy
CrunchGear – Brooklyn,NY,USA
My First Crime Prevention Databases, but this one will have all sorts of biometric information that has privacy advocates, also known as busybodies,
Big Brother Getting Bigger Part 1: USA
ZDNet Blogs – USA
It’s all part of a new biometric software system that could store millions of iris scans within 10 years and has privacy advocates crying foul.
US and Europe nearing pact to share private data
Chicago Tribune – United States
Several European countries objected, citing violations of their privacy laws. Each dispute frayed diplomatic relations and required difficult negotiations
US and EU to share private data of citizens – Share credit card
IT Examiner – Banglore,Karnataka,India
Although negotiations are on, it’s still to be decided whether Europeans can sue the US government for misuse of information under the US Privacy Act of
Privacy surveyor warns of security breaches
Swissinfo – Switzerland
The privacy of Swiss citizens online is more and more under threat, according to the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner.

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