CPR for Thursday, July 3, 2008

Public should see government credit card bills: privacy commissioner
CBC.ca – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Alberta’s privacy commissioner has ordered the release of details of how a former provincial employee used his government credit card.

YouTube vs. Viacom: Google’s IP wins; Users lose
Defendants argue that the data should not be disclosed because of the users’ privacy concerns, saying that “Plaintiffs would likely be able to determine the

Britain criticised for intercepting data
RTE.ie – Ireland
In its ruling, the Strasbourg court said that the rules set out by Britain for intercepting the data violated an individual’s right to privacy.

UK phone-tap laws ‘breach human rights’
Metro – London,UK
Government phone-tapping laws were condemned today as a breach of human rights at the end of a nine-year legal battle over privacy. ..

Google blurs faces to protect privacy in French StreetView
NetworkWorld.com – Southborough,MA,USA
It raised privacy concerns when it launched there, as people who never expected to be photographed found their movements displayed to a worldwide audience.

Survey: Advertisers should acknowledge privacy concerns about
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
Called “Behavioral Targeting Attitudes: The Privacy Issue,” the report released Friday explores the digital ad strategy, which collects consumer information

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