News for April 15, 2013

  • Tories finalize cyber-security plan.
  • Ontario embraces world-class standard of privacy protection.
  • Exploring Federal Privacy Breach Notification in Canada.
  • Money can’t buy privacy in Google Play store, study shows.
  • Anonymous again hacks into North Korean Web sites.
  • Privacy debate expands to apps: Use of mobile technology involving differing regulations.
  • Doctors warned about privacy risk of old fax numbers.
  • Gift cards could carry a considerable price in privacy.
  • Canada: Breach of Privacy in the Cloud.
  • Loads of Companies Are Violating Kid’s Privacy – IAB Asks FTC to Delay Changes to Regulations.
  • RT @DaniGirl: #GoC internet access cautionary tale: You’d think “don’t post txpyr info to FB” would be a no-brainer.
  • Online privacy: nothing to fear – Jean-Louis Gassée.
  • Investment Industry Regulator loses personal information of investment firm clients.
  • WordPress Hack: How to Avoid Becoming Part of the ‘Botnet’.

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