News for April 10, 2013

  • Microsoft’s latest ‘Scroogled’ ad attacks Android with privacy fears.
  • Paris Brown: Could the ‘right to be forgotten’ help?
  • Is The ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ The ‘Biggest Threat To Free Speech On The Internet’?
  • Mozilla pulls tracking trigger for Firefox 22, ignores ad industry attacks.
  • Data, Apps and Developers | Mozilla Privacy Blog.
  • Art exhibit pushes boundaries of online privacy.
  • The Right to Be Forgotten – Stanford Law Review.
  • HRSDC missing hard drive included business plans, financial info, investigative reports on applicants, emails suggest.
  • With Firefox 22, Mozilla escalates the tracking battle.
  • Access to Information and Privacy Requests Now Easier with New Online Tool | Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.
  • Paris Brown’s first job? Teach the ‘yoof’ how not to tweet.
  • Mozilla Persona privacy protections trump Facebook in single sign-on.

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