News for April 8, 2013

  • Infographic: Canadians and Privacy: OPC Survey – April 2013
  • Creepy Infographic Maps The Relationships Of Every Twitter Employee
  • Up to 1 million Scribd user passwords may have been compromised
  • The 5 biggest online privacy threats of 2013
  • Netflix in the middle of Internet privacy debate
  • Will Facebook Home collect even more of your data? You bet.
  • DEA memo provokes Apple privacy debate.
  • Instagram beauty contests worry parents, child privacy advocates –
  • Viterbi tool improves online photo privacy
  • Facebook Doesn’t Want People To Freak Out About ‘Home’ Privacy
  • Interview with Bruce Schneier: “It’s Pretty Much Impossible To Protect Online Privacy”
  • Silicon Valley Fighting Privacy Advocates Over Online-Data Bill
  • Judge tosses evidence in drug case over Ottawa police rights breach
  • Facebook Home isn’t where your privacy is
  • Facebook to launch paid messages which bypass privacy settings —
  • Google ‘Mapathon,’ Meant To ‘Create Better Maps For India,’ Draws Scrutiny For Police
  • Growing number of CCTV cameras outside Toronto core dismays privacy advocates.
  • Facebook Home, privacy and you.
  • Many Free Android Apps Are Starting To Look A Lot Like Malware.

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