News for May 3, 2013

  • Silicon Valley uses their growing clout to kill California’s “Right to Know Act” digital privacy bill.
  • Predictions for Privacy in the Age of Facebook (from 1985!).
  • Instagram Adds “Photos of You” Tagging Feature: How To Plus Privacy Tips.
  • Finfisher Spyware Used By Governments Is Masquerading as Firefox.
  • Skydog Lets You Remotely Monitor Your Kids’ Internet and Facebook Use.
  • Viewpoint: Don’t Let the Boston Bombing Take Away Our Privacy Rights.
  • Further adventures in data mining, Or, welcome to my Lear Jet lifestyle.
  • Who is tracking you across the Web? Even the ad industry doesn’t know.
  • Apple’s Privacy Record Sucks. Here’s Why You Should Care.
  • Today, May 3rd 2013, is the international day against Digital Restrictions Management.

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