CPR for Thursday, June 26, 2008

Critics blast new airport superscan
Globe and Mail – Canada
week as part of a pilot project at the Kelowna International Airport and said it had the support of the federal Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart.
Passengers feeling exposed by airport device
CTV.ca – Canada
To ensure that some degree of privacy is maintained, the security officer stands in a separate area from the passenger. Once the analysis is complete,
Body fluid samples loom high for suspected high drivers
Dose.ca – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart and the Canadian Bar Association have also raised alarm bells. Testing is already happening in Quebec,
Spy, phone protection bill clears hurdle
TVNZ – New Zealand
A White House-backed spy bill to protect telecommunication companies from billions of dollars in potential damages from privacy lawsuits passed a Senate
Welcome back to the United States. Now let’s see what’s on your laptop
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
And that has raised concerns from business travelers, privacy advocates and some lawmakers about the vulnerability of the huge amounts of information people
Electronic health-record standards agreed
Reuters – USA
While US privacy laws govern actions by medical providers such as doctors, there is little in the way of other established privacy, security and data usage
Microsoft, Google, Consumers Endorse Health Privacy Standards
Bloomberg – USA
The framework ends a “privacy logjam,” that has inhibited use of electronic records, thought to be able to cut duplication, costs and errors,
Charter Scraps User-Tracking Plan After Privacy Outcry
E-Commerce Times – USA
By Keith Regan Caving to pressure from privacy groups and members of Congress, Charter
Charter shares fall after cancelling program
CNNMoney.com – USA
company abandoned its plans to track the Web usage of some high-speed Internet subscribers after some customers and privacy advocates raised concerns.
Feingold: Bush admin secrecy can’t outweigh travelers’ privacy
Raw Story – Cambridge,MA,USA
Russ Feingold (D-WI) said the government needs to institute safeguards to protect Americans’ privacy rights, and he accused the Department of Homeland
Judge: No expectation of privacy for jail phone calls
WBIR-TV – Knoxville,TN,USA
He said inmates have no expectation of privacy while talking on a jail telephone. Thomas is one of four suspects facing trial in the deaths of Chris Newsom
UK Police Force Presence On Facebook Causes Privacy Concerns
DigitalJournal.com – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Guilherme Roschke, who is a well respected fellow of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has stated that users may be sharing a lot more
Wave Good-bye to Privacy Rights
Examiner.com – USA
The Senate has the opportunity to strike down this attempt to skewer privacy rights, but given that it initially voted back in February to broaden the

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