Don’t give Google a free pass on data collection, privacy
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
A judge’s order that Google turn over YouTube user data to Viacom is raising privacy concerns. But some privacy advocates question why Google is collecting

Google’s Tracking of Users Can Also Increase Privacy Protection
New York Times – United States
By Saul Hansell We’ve written a lot about whether there are potential costs to privacy in Google’s practice of recording the Internet Protocol address of

Privacy watchdog airs Google Street View concerns
There could be privacy concerns if the people are identifiable, because the images are available to anyone who can log onto the internet.

YouTube facing privacy dramas
New Zealand Herald – New Zealand
By Stephanie Bodoni YouTube may be opening itself up to privacy complaints after a US court order it turn over online viewer information.

Businesses Falling Short Of Privacy Laws
New York Times – United States
By Ana Patricia Ferrey, A growing number of businesses are struggling with increasingly complex privacy laws and often falling short of compliance

Gmail to Incorporate Privacy Feature – Mumbai,India
Gmail has introduced a new privacy feature that allows users to track and control multiple sessions in Gmail without putting a date to when it will be made

No Privacy on Fingerprint Provision
Wall Street Journal – USA
And contrary to what the letter implies, the bill does not require any type of privacy protection for the proposed fingerprint database other than a general

Privacy groups to Google: What took you so long?
Computerworld – Framingham,MA,USA
By Linda Rosencrance July 7, 2008 (Computerworld) Privacy groups are glad that Google Inc. has finally placed a link to its privacy policy on its home page,

Google’s Turn As ‘Privacy Defender’ In Viacom Suit Only Partly
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
The tension in Google’s simultaneous desire to collect the world’s data while protecting the world’s privacy can be seen in YouTube’s user fight.

Court Invites Viacom to Violate YouTube Viewers’ Privacy
Washington Post – United States
But he blandly dismissed Google’s defense of YouTube users’ privacy in a brief paragraph of the 25-page ruling (PDF): … their privacy concerns are

Europe data protection laws not fit for purpose, says ICO
ComputerworldUK – UK
“It is showing its age and is failing to meet new challenges to privacy, such as the transfer of personal details across international borders and the huge

The End of Internet Privacy? A Look the Viacom-Google Order
Wall Street Journal Blogs – New York,NY,USA
(Though additional info is usually needed to link IP addresses to individuals, privacy experts say the process is easy enough to cause concerns for

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