Plaintiffs in YouTube suit seek to reassure users
MarketWatch – USA
Last week a judge ordered Google (GOOG: , , ) to hand data to the plaintiffs reflecting individual YouTube users’ viewing activity, stirring privacy

NebuAd to come under spotlight at Senate hearing
The Associated Press –
Privacy activists say adware companies duped many Web surfers into downloading their software programs by bundling them with free screen savers,

Industry balks at new Internet privacy legislation
South Coast Today – New Bedford,MA,USA
Joan M. Menard, D-Fall River, said the common practice of tracking consumers’ choices to tailor Internet advertising to them was a violation of privacy.

A Modest Privacy Proposal
The Senate Commerce, Science & Transportation Committee is holding a hearing tomorrow on Privacy Implications of Online Advertising.

British soccer player falls foul of Facebook’s privacy options
In other words, the young soccer player had fallen foul of Facebook’s Group functionality, which, presumably due his privacy settings, had potentially

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