‘Trash’ case tests privacy rights
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
But Campbell says the boundaries of personal privacy are being tested. “What we’re seeing more and more is that people think they (have) privacy in their

TradeMe downplays privacy row
TVNZ – New Zealand
TradeMe is staying quiet over how details of thousands of users ended up in the hands of prisoners. While investigating the police anti-terror raids

Calls for doctor-prescription database raise privacy warnings
Palm Beach Post – FL, United States
“There’s an easy way to address this problem, but the state has not made it a priority because there are some privacy concerns, and that’s really just

Health ‘Credit Report’ Raise Privacy Concerns
Free Internet Press – New York,NY,USA
The trend holds promise for improved health care and cost savings, but privacy and consumer advocates fear it is taking place largely outside the scrutiny

RIAA, Comcast Face Privacy Fights
Marketing Shift.com – USA
In the decade I’ve been writing about individual rights and privacy, I’ve never held out much hope that ordinary citizens would have much luck when it came

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