CPR for Friday, August 8, 2008

Freedom of Information requests hold steady
Mississauga – Mississauga,ON,Canada
For example, rather than individual provinces building their own databases of citizenship information from scratch, Dr. Ann Cavoukian is urging Ottawa to

‘Crime free’ initiative catches heat
Northumberland News – Cobourg,Ontario,Canada
The complaint against Northumberland County, and a similar one against Peel Region, is now being investigated by Ann Cavoukian, privacy commissioner of

Medical secrets of Hollywood stars sold by hospital staff
Independent – London,England,UK
By Guy Adams in Los Angeles As if the daily attention of paparazzi and rubbish-sifting journalists wasn’t enough, the privacy of dozens of Hollywood

List of Snoops Grows at UCLA Medical Center
findingDulcinea – New York,New York,USA
Victims of privacy violations include Britney Spears, actress Farrah Fawcett and California First Lady Maria Shriver. UCLA had been attempting to address

Medical Blogs May Threaten Patient Privacy
U.S. News & World Report – Washington,DC,USA
7 (HealthDay News) — Blogs written by medical professionals may pose a threat to patient privacy, because the authors of the blogs may inadvertently reveal

Protect Social Security privacy
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle – Rochester,NY,USA
As they correctly put more and more documents on the Web, they must make sure that the privacy of the filers is protected. Before the data are posted.

Records loss may violate US law
Houston Chronicle – United States
“This is an egregious invasion of people’s privacy … but the history of privacy violations in the United States is that there’s all kinds of smoke,

Bill Would Let Insurers Track Where, When, How Californians Drive
MarketWatch – USA
The bill authorizes different insurance rates for drivers who choose to protect their privacy and those who agree to place a “black box” in their cars.

State investigates after breach of guv’s records
MLive.com – MI,USA
“The privacy of medical records is a very serious issue,” she said. “Everyone deserves to know they’re medical information is safe.

Nelson Hospital privacy blunder
Stuff.co.nz – New Zealand
Nelson Hospital has made another embarrassing botch-up, sending two patients each other’s private information. The hospital made a similar error just two

Crafty crooks making ID theft more common
San Diego Union Tribune – United States
By David Hasemyer Hacking into a merchant’s computer system is a relatively simple task for cyber-criminals, so privacy and security experts say they

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