CPR for Monday, August 11, 2008

Web Privacy on the Radar in Congress
New York Times – United States
Representative Edward Markey says some kind of electronic privacy law is needed. So it is surprising to learn that Mr. Martinez, an aide in the Illinois
Google Bad for Privacy
webhostdir.com – Bournemouth,England,UK
Defcon A well-known researcher specializing in website security has strongly criticized safety on Google, arguing the world’s biggest search engine
Ixquick Search Puts Privacy Front and Center, and the EU Approves
Mashable – San Francisco,CA,USA
This one is hedging itself on a mix of external engines and a fairly strict privacy protocol. The latter is clearly what will catch the interest of more
Yahoo Expands Ad Privacy Options
InformationWeek – Manhasset,NY,USA
By Thomas Claburn In a concession to those in favor of greater online privacy, Yahoo on Friday said that it would let its users choose not to receive
Yahoo! announces New Privacy Choice for Consumers
Webnewswire.com – New Delhi,India
Yahoo! announced that it will offer users greater choice in how they manage their privacy online by enabling them to opt-out of customized advertising on
Malice in Wonderland
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
While many teenagers appear to surrender their privacy without a thought, their schools take the opposite tack, guarding their students’ privacy with a zeal
Money management: Protect your financial privacy
Duluth News Tribune – Duluth,MN,USA
If you want to maintain better control over your privacy, the Minnesota Society of CPAs offers these tips on how to safeguard your information.
EFF Warns That Email Privacy Is In Jeopardy
Slashdot – USA
But it does seem to me that any expectation of privacy in any communication medium here in the USA went out the window with the news of the NSA telco

‘Cloud computing’ trend heightens privacy risks
LAS VEGAS (AFP) — A US military computer science professor has warned that a trend to push software into the “clouds” exacerbates privacy risks as people
15 great, free privacy downloads
ITworld.com – Framingham,MA,USA
by Preston Gralla One of the worst privacy invaders the world has ever seen is the Internet. When you surf, Web sites can find out where you’ve been and can

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