Former bureaucrat investigated for fraud fights to keep name secret – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart recently weighed in, telling members of the Canadian Bar Association it’s time to find the “right balance” between

Digital issues deserve a spot in election campaign
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
5- Privacy reform: Over the past year, the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics held hearings on potential reforms to both

A Privacy FAQ: What About You is Online?
PC World – USA
Privacy advocates have warned that the presence of such information on government Web sites has made them an online treasure trove for identity thieves and
Symantec Unveils First Corporate Responsibility Report – USA
Included in the report is a full materiality analysis that defines good governance, online safety, privacy, customer satisfaction, the environment,
Panel weighs prescription database: Privacy issues raised
The Missoulian – Missoula,MT,USA
“Are we willing to sacrifice our medical privacy, the most sensitive, personal information we have? Do we want that information to be in a registry that is
Law prof warns against coming ISP privacy apocalypse
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
According to Ohm’s new paper, ISP use of deep packet inspection gear could well lead to “the greatest reduction of user privacy in the history of the

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