CPR for Monday, September 22, 2008

Radwanski testifies to long, arduous workdays as privacy commissioner
The Canadian Press – OTTAWA
OTTAWA — Former privacy commissioner George Radwanski told his fraud trial today he faced an extraordinary workload that resulted in dawn-to-dusk workdays

Investigation into UNBC Privacy Act breach continues…
Prince George Citizen – Prince George,British Columbia,Canada
It has become clear that the student who was detained under the false pretense of being a “danger to themselves and other student’s around (them)” was

A public fight over privacy laws
Inside Toronto – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
by DAVID NICKLE If Toronto council is to take new rules about privacy and access to information seriously, then councillors should defer all confidential

Search 2.0: compromising privacy for better results?
When I talked to the folks at Gogimon, we talked about the Big Brother feeling and they recognized that there’sa fine line there when it comes to privacy.

The Most Common HIPAA Privacy Mistakes Employers Make
Workforce Management – Irvine,Ca,USA
By Sandra R. Mihok y now, most employers who maintain self-insured health plans have taken steps to comply with the privacy rules issued under the Health

Blogs Let Doctors Talk Shop, but Raise Patient Privacy Concerns
The Ledger – Lakeland,FL,USA
It is making the practice of medicine more transparent to patients and, at the same time, raising ethical questions about safeguarding patient privacy.

Libraries fight to protect patrons’ privacy
Shreveport Times – Shreveport,LA,USA
But the American Library Association says Kirk’s bill is yet another attempt by the federal government to interfere with library users’ privacy and free

Feature in Chrome alarms developers, privacy advocates
San Jose Mercury News – CA, USA
“We don’t want to be in a position to put their privacy at risk in that way.” Over the years, makers of Web browsers have grown increasingly sensitive to

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