CPR for Monday, September 29, 2008

Blind voters fight for privacy at polls
Ottawa Citizen – Ontario, Canada
SASKATOON – When Robin East steps into a voting booth on Oct. 14, he’d rather mark his X with nobody looking over his shoulder.

Ex-privacy czar committed errors, not fraud, trial told
Toronto Star – Ontario, Canada
OTTAWA–Former privacy commissioner George Radwanski made errors and may have been “haughty” with employees, but his lavish hospitality spending and expense

Liberal Democrats break privacy law
Public Servant Online – Staffordshire,UK
The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has found the Liberal Democrats to be in breach of communications privacy law. The party’s use of automated

Cell phone cameras create privacy issue
Chicago Daily Herald – Chicago,IL,USA
More than a decade after a landmark federal law laid out the rules health providers must follow to protect patient privacy, glitches and downright

The new Face of privacy is pretty public
Times Online – UK
The case only dealt with the issue briefly, so it threw little light on how Irish courts would balance the constitutional right to privacy against an

Student Privacy Spotlighted in Va.
Washington Post – United States
By Brigid Schulte School officials in the City of Manassas admitted this week that they skirted federal privacy laws when they divulged personal information

Lost in the Fine Print: It Would Take a Week to Read All Your
Washington Post – United States
It would take the average American about 42 hours — an entire work week — to read the online privacy policies for the Web-sites they encounter each year,

Broadband Providers Vow to Protect User Privacy
eWeek – New York, NY
25 with the nation’s largest broadband providers scrambling to tell Congress there is no need for new laws to protect user privacy.

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