Skype admits Chinese privacy breach
“We deeply apologise for the breach of privacy relating to chat messages on TOM’s servers in China and we are urgently addressing this situation with TOM,”

The cost of doing business in China: Privacy
Here’sa headline that would be real news: China respects online privacy. Sure, the monitoring stinks. But let’s get real here. China was monitoring taxi cab

Bill Proposes Privacy for Americans’ Laptops at Border
Wired News – USA
By Ryan Singel October 01, 2008 | 5:14:05 PM – Categories: Privacy – Border agents would need to be able to say why they suspect an American has committed a

Finnish police chief says privacy must yield
Newsroom Finland – Helsinki,Finland
Mikko Paatero, Finland’s national police commissioner, said in a blog entry on Thursday that privacy safeguards should be relaxed to some degree so that the

Adelaide Airport trials full-body X-rays
The Australian – Sydney,Australia
The “Backscatter” scanning machine raised privacy concerns when it was introduced in the US with rights advocates saying it amounted to “a virtual strip

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