GM and OnStar – Pushing our privacy envelope?
Huffington Post – New York,NY,USA
General Motors’ OnStar service could mean car thieves are in for a big surprise. But first, the company’s OnStar subscribers will need to ask themselves if

Average privacy policy takes 10 minutes to read, research finds – London,England,UK
Website privacy policies take on average 10 minutes to read and sometimes run into thousands of words, researchers have found. While some are short,

Consumers Alarmed about Online Privacy, 25% Provide Fake ID to
Marketing Vox News – USA
Most Americans are very concerned about their internet privacy and many are taking steps to limit the information that is being collected and shared about

Privacy lags in technology rush
Sydney Morning Herald – Sydney,New South Wales,Australia
THE federal minister in charge of privacy, John Faulkner, has warned that personal information posted on social networking websites can linger forever “like

‘Internet of Things’ prompts EU push for privacy rights
EurActiv – Brussels,Belgium
European ministers in charge of information technology gathered in southern France yesterday (6 October) to debate privacy and security challenges related

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