CPR for Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bars’ plan to record IDs might violate privacy laws
Canada.com – Don Mills,Ontario,Canada
BC’s privacy commissioner is investigating whether the practice of having bar patrons run their drivers licences through scanners at the door violates

Bar Watch program under scrutiny
Vancouver Sun – British Columbia, Canada
If BC’s privacy commissioner David Loukidelis rules that the Bar Watch program breaks the law, he could shut down existing programs in Vancouver and Nanaimo

Enhanced Driver’s Licences Could Pose Privacy Risk, Official Warns
CityNews – Toronto,Canada
Instead, high-tech photo ID cards intended for use at Ontario/New York border crossings have come under fire from privacy groups. Security will tighten once

Genetic Privacy: An Outdated Concern?
MIT Technology Review – Cambridge,MA,USA
its decisions to the world, the group spent the day discussing some of the issues that the unique project raises–especially the issue of privacy.

German privacy watchdogs agree social networking ground rules
Out-Law.com – London,England,UK
The application of the Directive to online services has previously been the subject of debate between privacy regulators and Google.

OMB sponsors online discussion of privacy issues
Government Health IT – Falls Church,VA,USA
The Office of Management and Budget has asked the National Academy of Public Administration to hold a public discussion this month of health care privacy

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