CPR for Thursday, October 23, 2008

Data protection officials to lobby for new child-protecting laws
Out-Law.com – London,England,UK
“Young people today are sophisticated users of the internet, and they use this medium with ease and enthusiasm,” said Jennifer Stoddart, Canada’s Privacy

A promising diagnosis: Creating unique patient IDs could mean
Houston Chronicle – United States
It’s not a new idea: Legislation was passed in 1996 — the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) — that mandated a UPI, but privacy and

A Primer on Web Browser Privacy & Security Tools
Washington Post Blogs – Washington,DC,USA
The biggest contenders in the Web browser wars have been tripping over themselves to offer new privacy protections for users, and that’s largely a good

Who needs digital privacy?
Prospect Magazine – London,UK
Privacy campaigners are furious. But embracing these tools may be the only way to save the media from bankruptcy Are you reading this online?

Are you prepared for a data privacy lawsuit?
Enterprise Management Quarterly – Chicago,Illinois,USA
These concerns have led to a substantial increase in laws and regulations governing information security and privacy. A special focus has been preserving

Protecting patient privacy the new fashioned way
Science Centric – Sofia,Sofia Town,Bulgaria
Protecting patient privacy has been recognised as the duty of health-care providers for about as long as doctors have seen patients.

Privacy rules delayed Lapthorne family contact, committee told
ABC Online – Australia
By Online parliamentary correspondent Emma Rodgers Privacy concerns prevented foreign affairs officials from contacting Britt Lapthorne’s family until five

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