New driver’s licence design triggers privacy-risk concerns
Niagara Falls Review – Niagara Falls,Ontario,Canada
such as identity theft, unauthorized identification and covert tracking and surveillance of individuals, Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian cautioned.

Bar system may violate privacy act
Nanaimo Daily News – BC, Canada
BC privacy commissioner David Loukidelis is investigating a security measure that captures names and takes photos of patrons who must swipe ID cards when

Motion to reduce child data abuse
Public Servant Online – Staffordshire,UK
Jennifer Stoddart, Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, said: “Young people today are sophisticated users of the internet, and they use this medium with ease and

What Online Stores Sell: Data About You
New York Times – United States
It says it protects the privacy of Internet users, following the same approach used by most other ad networks in the United States: It doesn’t track on the

DHS screening to require air travelers to fork out more info
New York Times – United States
Secure Flight was revived in August 2007, amid promises of better privacy protections. The privacy enhancements included the elimination of an especially

GPS-Based Mobile Ads: Where Does Privacy Fit?
Internet News – Fallbrook,CA,USA
Chief among these is consumer privacy in a highly connected and always-available mobile environment. Wireless carriers already know, more or less,

Digital privacy wars
Open Democracy – London,UK
Guy Aitchison (London, OK): The battle for privacy in the digital age is being fought on many fronts (a point last night’s seminar on the database state

OPINION: Privacy – self regulation or imposed legislation?
Brand Republic – London,UK
However, the privacy lobby has rightly raised the issue of the user’s awareness of, and agreement to, their web behaviour being tracked.

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