Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft’s Privacy Plan
Forbes – NY,USA
The initiative aims to protect free speech and user privacy, say company representatives. It also aims to deflect efforts by either the private sector or

Contractor suspected in ‘Joe the Plumber’ privacy breach
New York Times – United States
By JAIKUMAR VIJAYAN, IDG The Ohio State Highway Patrol has identified a suspect in a criminal case involving illegal access to information in a state

Privacy laws needed to curb surveillance, says Schneier – UK
“We, who are involved in IT and security and building all these systems [that collect data] need to pay more attention to the issue of privacy,” Schneier

Watchdog warns against high-tech privacy risks
The Age – Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
VICTORIA’S privacy watchdog says new technology and the fear of terrorism are making it harder to protect people’s personal details.

Privacy tsar: 277 data breaches since November
“Of course, there is a balance between privacy and our liberty, which is why we have said we will be consulting on this and seeking a political consensus.

One thought on “CPR for Wednesday, October 29, 2008”
  1. Joe the Plumber’s story illustrates the unprecedented transparency that technology is bringing to society. Just as (allegedly) Plumber Joe’s privacy was breached, access logs in Ohio’s information systems show when his data was accessed and from which particular government offices. That’s powerful stuff. Data logs can probably enable a deeper investigation into precisely who made the access and whether it was legal. If people acted illegally, the digital evidence can lead to their punishment. Such transparency represents a big trend in society –Ben

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