Doctor-patient privacy not absolute, watchdog says
The Charlatan – Ottawa,Canada
Ontario information and privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian released a document on Oct. 30 reaffirming that when a person poses an imminent threat to

Teachers and Facebook: Privacy vs. standards – Charlotte,NC,USA
As CMS plans to clarify policy, teacher’s attorney says she never intended posting to be public. By Fred Clasen-Kelly An attorney for a suspended

Web tracker NebuAd sued over privacy claims
The Associated Press
Several US ISPs tried the technology before withdrawing as privacy advocates and members of Congress raised concerns over the summer.

Is There a Privacy Risk in Google Flu Trends?
New York Times Blogs – New York,NY,USA
By Miguel Helft Google sought to avoid this kind of reaction by talking about how Google Flu Trends protects the privacy of its users.

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