CPR for Monday, November 24, 2008

Obama’s cell phone hacked, privacy issues murky
Scientific American – USA
It’s not clear what privacy measures Verizon has in place, but “it says something about Verizon that they said something about this at all,” Schwartz says.

New machines scan IDs at border crossings
USA Today – USA
Privacy advocates say the technology could make Americans less secure because terrorists or other criminals may be able to steal the personal information

License-plate scanning catching crooks, raising privacy concerns
Arizona Republic – Phoenix,AZ,USA
“That’s where some people might consider it an invasion of privacy,” Callister said, but he downplayed the idea, saying the plates are public information

Qantas Site Spills Customer Data
PC World – USA
Qantas’ online booking site last week breached the privacy at least two of its customers, with their personal details revealed to another party when they

A skeptical welcome for online privacy forum
Ars Technica – Boston,MA,USA
By Julian Sanchez | Published: November 23, 2008 – 09:44PM CT The alphabet soup of Washington think tanks and advocacy groups devoted to privacy just

Proskauer Rose Lawyer Heads New Online Privacy Group
The American Lawyer – USA
Proskauer Rose privacy group founder Christopher Wolf knows that sometimes a person’s most important capital is his personal information.

GPS technology doubles as crime-fighting tool
Los Angeles Times – CA,USA
And though privacy rights advocates don’t like the intrusion, courts tend to side with authorities. By Carol J. Williams In their cocoons of leather

New York Daily News

Cell phone camera voyeurs snapping away at our privacy
New York Daily News – New York,NY,USA
The reason for the underground “naked repose” is the psychic privacy we grant each other aboard the subway. We recognize we are trapped together with

Taylor Place may have violated federal privacy law
ASU Web Devil – Tempe,AZ,USA
Taylor Place management may have violated a federal privacy law, creating the potential for a violation by posting students’ billing information in a public

Coalition urges better laws for e-mail and cell phone privacy
BetaNews – USA
A coalition of influential organizations is recommending to the next President’s administration that an 18-year-old privacy law needs overhauling in order

Once the province of youngsters, the older crowd is now on Facebook
Memphis Commercial Appeal – Memphis,TN,USA
Privacy settings let you choose who sees your page and how much they see. But as we’re often told, we still should be wary of what we post to the Internet.


Don’t confuse the economy with data privacy
CNET News – San Francisco,CA,USA
There were over 300 publicly disclosed breaches last year, according to the Pr
ivacy Rights Clearinghouse. These breaches exposed private data of more than

The Value Of Privacy? Make An Offer
Mediapost.com – New York,NY,USA
One of the few interesting pieces of research on the privacy issue I have seen lately asks this question in the context of the mobile media industry.

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