CPR for Friday, August 28, 2009

The Canadian Press

Privacy commission pleased with Facebook changes
The Canadian Press
In a ruling that will likely influence Facebook’s global operations, Jennifer Stoddart says she’s “very pleased” with the way Facebook handled her worries.

Facebook makes privacy amends
Toronto Star
said federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart as she announced the popular social networking site will comply with her recommendation.
Facebook to do about-face on privacy
Jennifer Stoddart ruled last month that some Facebook practices contravene Canada’s private-sector privacy act. She gave Facebook 30 days to come up with a
The Canadian Press

What happens on Facebook to spread beyond Facebook when it comes
The Canadian Press
Federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has said Facebook breaches Canada’s privacy law by keeping user’s personal information indefinitely – even

Facebook makes privacy changes
By Dean Irvine (CNN) — Facebook has announced it is to overhaul its privacy settings to make it clearer for users to know who has access to their personal
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Massachusetts Data Privacy Law Delayed, Again
The MA Data Privacy law, touted by some as the most far reaching in the nation, is too unwieldy for small businesses to follow. However, the law is getting
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Facebook Increases Privacy Protection on Quiz Applications
Digital Media Wire
Facebook has agreed to implement new privacy safeguards that limit the personal information that quiz authors have access to, in response to complaints from
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US DHS Revises Border Laptop Search Rules
PC World
The new rules provide a good balance between US security and civil liberties and privacy, Chandler said. “Keeping Americans safe in an increasingly digital
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San Francisco Chronicle

Apple privacy score – Snow Leopard – 10, iPhone – 0
San Francisco Chronicle
So why are the security and privacy features on the iPhone lagging behind? Four days ago I wrote about privacy concerns related to Apple’s iPhone and I got

Social Networkers Risk More Than Privacy
Facebook and Twitter users post personal information that could be used by professional home burglars looking for targets, says a UK study.
Privacy and social networking is about more than spam
Whenever I talk to anyone about privacy and the internet, their main concerns are either identity theft or preventing spam. Both of these are, of course,

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