CPR for Monday, August 31, 2009

Faceoff with Facebook
Toronto Star
users after federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart raised concerns about how the online giant stored and shared peoples’ personal information.

Facebook to comply with privacy recommendations: Commissioner
Vancouver Sun
Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart pauses during a news conference in Ottawa August 27, 2009. Facebook, the popular social networking website,

Facebook tightens safeguards after Canada talks
over the information they provide to third-party developers of applications such as games and quizzes, Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart announced.

The sheriff lands in Dodge
Hamilton Spectator
Federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says: “… users will have a far clearer view of how they perceive information is being shared once Facebook

Face time for privacy
Edmonton Journal
Well, check out what Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has accomplished this week on behalf of each and everyone of us who have a Facebook account

Facebook to Tighten Privacy After Canadian Investigation
PC World
In a separate statement issued by her office, Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart said the changes to privacy policies and practices that

Privacy Missing From Google Books Settlement
PC World
Many libraries routinely delete borrower information, and organizations such as the American Library Association have fought hard to preserve the privacy of

UC Berkeley Librarian Wants Google Books to Nail Down Privacy
“What we all need is for Google to move forward in articulating and finding new narratives to reassure” those who have concerns about the privacy

BBC News

‘Privacy’ row sparked by cameras
BBC News
Some tenants have accused the trust of using “big brother tactics”, claiming the cameras are an invasion of privacy, while others have defended the move.

Do traffic cameras violate right to privacy?
But the issue that has crazies riled up revolves around this peculiar expectation of privacy, that they ought to be protected from the electronic eye of

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