CPR for Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Privacy Office approves laptop searches without suspicion at US
Notices are being proposed by the Privacy Office at the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which last week released a report approving the
New York Times

The Memoir and Children’s Privacy
New York Times
What privacy lines should be observed, if any, in writing about family members and others? Alison Gopnik, a professor of psychology at the University of

New Law Threatens Students’ Privacy Rights, MCLU Claims
the Maine Civil Liberties Union is still concerned – so concerned in fact that it issued a so-called “back-to-school privacy alert.
Google Books is Privacy Battle’s New Frontier
International Business Times
By Gerald Helguero The legal battle over privacy protections online is moving to a new arena: The next major phase in the history Google’s Book Search
Protecting Your Child’s Privacy
New York Times
What rules do you have about your children’s privacy? What will you say about them, and where will you say it? And what is better left unsaid?
Facebook Cleans Up, but Apps Must Change
PC World
Last week, Facebook announced that it will act to shore up some privacy concerns that were voiced a month ago by Jennifer Stoddart, the privacy commissioner
How we’re losing our privacy online
Christian Science Monitor
The infiltration of Heyman’s account is the most egregious form of an invasion of personal privacy that is becoming one of the most pressing issues of the
Ten ways to protect your privacy online
Christian Science Monitor
By Gregory M. Lamb | Staff writer/ August 31, 2009 edition Deciding how much cost, effort, and time to put into trying to ensure privacy online is an

Twitter: Discouraging privacy since 2006
The Daily Titan
Twitter.com is considered a source for social and business networking and micro-blogging. Maybe I am mistaken, but I wouldn’t consider a picture of Ashton
Protecting Privacy Online
New York Times
You make a good point about the need for privacy safeguards for government Web sites (“The Government and the Web,” editorial, Aug. 25).

Facebook updates: more privacy for users coming, YourCampus360 app
Facebook has decided to give more privacy to its’ users after having received complaints from Canada’s Privacy Commissioner. The changes, however, will not

Miramichiers give mixed reviews of Facebook privacy changes
Miramichi Leader
Facebook was given 30 days to respond to the requests, and following the a review of the response, the privacy commissioner is now satisfied Facebook will
Complaint From Canada Prompts Facebook Privacy Changes
The Consumerist
Some of the provisions of Facebook’s privacy policy sort of violate current Canadian law, and Facebook has agreed to make changes accordingly.

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