Privacy commissioner slaps Bell over traffic management
IT World Canada Blogs
The final decision came this week from commissioner Jennifer Stoddart, who in April found that the telco’s public explanations of its use of deep packet

Privacy bill would set rules for online marketing
The Associated Press
Here is a look at some of the things that Rep. Rick Boucher, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the
Utilities’ smart meters save money, but erode privacy
Philadelphia Inquirer
“The privacy implications are astounding,” said Susan L. Lyon, a Seattle lawyer who specializes in data-security issues. She compared the smart grid’s
Fact Sheet: Health Insurance Reform – Invasions of Privacy?
American Chronicle
Affordable Health Choices Act. This time they are claiming the bill is a risk to the privacy of Americans´ personal health and financial information.
AP’s Joshua Bernard Death Photo: Depiction of War Horror or Press
Associated Content
AP’s Joshua Bernard Death Photo: Depiction of War Horror or Press Privacy Intrusion? AP photographer Julie Jacobson happened to be present when Lance
Google Answers Critics with Books Privacy Policy
San Francisco Chronicle
(09-04) 08:39 PDT — Google’s privacy policies are a consistent thorn in the company’s side. Whether it’s about Google’s upcoming OS, its Webmail Gmail,
Amazon kindles a firestorm on copyrights and privacy
San Francisco Chronicle
In my opinion, a person’s implicit copyrights and privacy is not worth just $30. I am not advocating some multi-million dollar lawsuit.
Does Google Book privacy policy go far enough?
Now, in response to a request by the Federal Trade Commission, Google has posted a draft of an updated privacy policy for Google Books.
EPIC seeks to intervene in Books settlement, says privacy policies
In a press release about the motion EPIC director Marc Rotenberg said that the deal lacks privacy protections and would allow Google to mix the particularly
Pharmacies Seek Privacy/Security Changes
Health Data Management
The National Community Pharmacists Association is seeking changes in certain provisions of the HIPAA privacy and security rules that were expanded by the
Privacy Group Asks to Join Google Book Lawsuit As Deadline Approaches
Wired News
EPIC, or the Electronic Privacy Info
rmation Center, asked federal court judge Denny Chin on Friday to allow it to formally intervene on behalf of readers’
Google Bows to FTC, Creates Privacy Policy For Google Books
Google, which had refused to create a privacy policy for Google Book Search unless and until it was approved by a court, bowed to public pressure from the
Congress weighs landmark change in Web ad privacy
The Virginian-Pilot
But privacy watchdogs warn that too many people have no idea that Internet marketers are tracking their online habits and then mining that data to serve up
Google Takes First Steps Toward Google Books Privacy Policy
By Rick Whiting, ChannelWeb Google has taken the first steps toward developing a formal privacy policy for its controversial Google Books service,
Privacy fears over number plate scanning
The Age
But civil liberty and privacy groups have warned of its potential for misuse in every country where it has been widely introduced.
Google to draw up new privacy policy for books
AP , 09.03.09, 05:50 PM EDT WASHINGTON — Google has agreed to draw up a separate privacy policy for its digital library in response to a request from the

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