CPR for Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Facebook iPhone App Brings New Privacy Bugs With It
by Jason Kincaid on September 8, 2009 Privacy bugs at Facebook are nothing new, but that doesn’t make them any easier to stomach.
Google Lets Privacy Imperil Book Deal
Google’s ongoing inability to anticipate the privacy concerns surrounding its services is baffling. The company should know better by now, given its ongoing
Privacy Watchdogs Bark at Google Judge
PC World
A group of prominent authors and privacy advocates, including the ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation, is urging a New York judge this morning to reject
Congress Urged To Enact Consumer Privacy Guarantees
Consumer Affairs
By James Limbach – A coalition of ten consumer and privacy advocacy organizations today called on Congress to enact legislation to protect consumer privacy in

Will Privacy Concerns Kill Google Books Settlement?
Notable objectors such as the EFF, ACLU, Samuelson Clinic and authors Cory Doctorow and Jonathan Lethem are worried about privacy. According to a blog post

‘Google Books’ Plan Hits Privacy Snag
Wired News
The privacy groups contend Google likely could maintain a so-called “digital dossier” about individuals’ reading habits and interests.
FTC Urges Privacy in National Broadband Plan
IT Business Edge
By date: According to Marketing VOX, the Federal Trade Commission is asking the Federal Communications Commission to think about privacy issues associated

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