CPR for Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tech Giants Join Open Identity Partnership With Government
‚ÄúTrust in the form of certifying the idP’s (identity provider) in terms of how the manage user information and privacy in the form of allowing users to
Social Networking: Privacy Plug-In Fakes Out Facebook
Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) professor Alessandro Acquisti says most users are unaware of the privacy implications of posting personal information on

Online marketing may change if Privacy bill passes
personal information, medical and financial data sexual orientation and other forms of ID will be subject to the proposed rules of the Privacy bill.

Challenge To Maine Privacy Law Dismissed
by Wendy Davis, 1 minutes ago A federal judge in Maine said today that he agrees with media organizations and Web companies that the state’s new privacy law
Obama Gets Failing Grades From Privacy Advocates
Huffington Post
President Obama earns poor to failing grades from privacy advocates who claim that his administration is neglecting privacy and civil-liberties issues as it
Pilot program said to offer privacy protections
The trust frameworks are programs that enable a Web site to trust the identity, security and privacy assurances of an identity provider.
Privacy Groups: Obama Has More Work to Do
PC World
US President Barack Obama’s administration received mixed grades from privacy groups after more than seven months in power, with the groups saying Obama has

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