News for April 4, 2013

  • Q&A: How web apps undermine privacy.
  • Google Takes on Rare Fight Against National Security Letter.
  • Anonymous hacks North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts.
  • Secret Files Expose Offshore’s Global Impact.
  • Blog: Despite best efforts, report suggests risk of data loss remains at HRSDC.
  • Possible “Pierre Poutine” Charged.
  • (Yet another revised) Facebook Privacy Settings Guide.
  • Latest Version of Firefox Brings Better Privacy Controls.
  • Google Is In Privacy Trouble In Europe Again, May Cost Them A Whopping Two Minutes In Fines.
  • Can Commercial VPNs Really Protect Your Privacy?
  • Retailers Using Databases to Track Worker Thefts.
  • Toronto baby wrongly pronounced dead shows need to rethink privacy laws: Editorial.
  • Massive data leak exposes offshore financial secrets.

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