Teens too open online: privacy watchdog
AOL Canada
would have thought impossible and their grandparents unthinkable,” Jennifer Stoddart notes in her annual report to Parliament, which was tabled Tuesday.
Youth more at ease posting online comments: poll
The survey comes just as Canada’s privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, released her annual report and said young people today post too much personal
Think before posting that pic, privacy czar says
In her annual report to Parliament, Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart says many Canadians have lost their jobs, missed out on professional or academic

Offices found background checking potential jurors
Chatham Daily News
So found Ontario’s information and privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian this week as she ordered prosecutors to stop doing so immediately.
Crown prosecutors invaded privacy: Report
Toronto Sun
Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian found that one-third of the Crown attorney offices have received this type of material.
BC privacy head pans Google’s Street View
Vancouver Sun
In a service that has raised privacy concerns in other countries where it has been implemented, Street View on Google Maps takes Web surfers on a 360-degree
Genetic Info Privacy Rules Published
Health Data Management
Two new federal rules adding additional protections to patient privacy under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2009 were published Oct. 7 in
Privacy vs. Power in Gov 2.0
Huffington Post (blog)
This raises the issue of privacy, and here I stand apart from some of my friends in government. Here’s what I said in my last post: Leaving aside technical
How to Safeguard Your Security, Privacy in a Hotel
ABC News
AP The case of an ESPN reporter who was videotaped through a peephole in her hotel room door shows how easy it is for a hotel guest’s security and privacy
‘Think twice’ when online: Privacy czar
Their lives play out on a public stage of their own design as they strive for visibility, connectedness and knowledge,” Stoddart, Canada’s privacy
EU minister calls for Internet privacy
United Press International
BRUSSELS, Oct. 7 (UPI) — An explosion of online
technologies contains real threats to

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