CPR for Friday, October 9, 2009

Take a virtual tour of 11 Canadian cities, Google-style
But Anne-Marie Hayden, a spokeswoman for the Privacy Commissioner of Canada Jennifer Stoddart, said the commissioner wants Google to improve the blurring
Google Street View arrives in 11 Canadian cities
In September 2007, Canada’s Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart wrote to Google saying that she was concerned that the service might violate her
Google Street View apparent in Toronto and other Canadian cities
Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart warned, after the service was launched in the US in 2007, Google Street View may not comply with Canadian privacy

Google Street View goes live in Canadian cities
Four months later, privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart warned the service might not comply with federal privacy legislation, as it included images of

Grey jurors’ privacy violated
Markdale Standard
about potential jurors than they were entitled to, Ontario Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian announced in an investigative report released Monday.
Partial Patriot Act Extension Is Approved by Senate Panel
Washington Post
But several Democrats and civil liberties advocates said the legislation would do little to strengthen privacy protections. And some Republicans said the
Indiana Court: No Warrant Needed To Force DNA Testing
CBS News
This is an unresolved — and important — topic that touches on personal and family privacy rights, individual autonomy, and the right to avoid
Judiciary Panel Approves Patriot Act Sections
New York Times
But FBI and Justice Department officials opposed such moves in classified briefings, and the proposed changes to tighten civil liberties and privacy
Online Privacy: European Commission Releases New Report Urging Member States
eGov monitor
The European Commission today has repeated its call for EU countries to do more to tackle online privacy threats to the public. A Commission-funded study
Yahoo, Gmail, AOL users also victims of giant fake shopping scam
ITWorld Canada
The company is working with GS1 Canada and the Ontario Privacy Commissioner to include the switch on forthcoming Ontario enhanced driver licenses.

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