CPR for Monday, November 2, 2009

Canada’s embassy in Cuba decrepit, non-secure: audit
The Canadian Press
The overcrowded, crumbling offices have failed to provide basic privacy or security, resulting in at least one assault. “The Consular Program continues to
Facebook updates privacy policy
and deleting an account, and what happens to an account after a user has died, which were issues raised by privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart.

Facebook to do about-face on privacy
Calgary Herald
Jennifer Stoddart ruled last month that some Facebook practices contravene Canada’s private-sector privacy act. She gave Facebook 30 days to come up with a

Privacy Looms Over Gay Rights Vote
New York Times
a legal dispute over the identity of 138000 petition signers here is raising new questions about privacy, free speech and elections in the Internet age.

EU takes UK to court over internet privacy
“People’s privacy and the integrity of their personal data in the digital world is not only an important matter: it is a fundamental right, protected by

Facebook Brings More Clarity to Privacy Policy, Social Ads
Facebook made good on its pledge to revise and clarify its privacy policy Oct. 29, offering detailed explanations on how users can alter their account

Facebook aims to appease Cdn. privacy watchdog
Calgary Herald
Facebook, the immensely popular social-networking website announced Thursday that it has posted a new proposed privacy policy – which includes additional

Facebook privacy policy: who cares?
Facebook has just updated its privacy policy to cut out legal jargon after it was rebuked by the Canadian privacy regulator. The regulator marked the …      

Facebook updates its privacy policy
Metro Canada – Toronto
TORONTO – Facebook has updated its privacy policy, with some changes based on recommendations filed by Canada’s privacy commissioner.

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