CPR for Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Privacy laws handcuff homeless shelter’s staff
Winnipeg Free Press

UV lights are the only protection left for this vulnerable population because privacy laws now block shelter staff from helping people take their TB medication.

Health official says privacy and ‘line rage’ are behind Alberta’s vaccine policy
680 News
How do you tell whether someone has a chronic condition in the open air. with no privacy. at the start of a huge lineup?” A lack of screening would also

Smarter sleuthing can save our online privacy
The Globe and Mail
Some have advocated radical solutions to this problem, including the end of anonymity, the requirement for Internet users to have permanent IDs…

Students suspended for racy slumber party pics, file lawsuit
Ars Technica
Two high school student athletes got in hot water after pictures from a slumber party posted on MySpace—with privacy controls, no less—ended up on the

E-Health Privacy Regulations Draw Congressional Fire
The new rules significantly increase penalty amounts that the US Department of Health and Human Services can impose for HIPAA violations of patient privacy,

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