CPR Special Saturday Edition – November 7, 2009

Experts agree on proposed global privacy standards
MADRID — Experts from 50 nations meeting in Madrid have reached a draft agreement on international standards for the protection of privacy and personal data

Too much ‘privacy’ bad for our health
Peterborough Examiner
People who get sick, or die, during the H1N1 outbreak deserve to have their privacy protected. People who aren’t sick but want to know if the flu has struck .

Lawsuit Accuses Facebook of Conspiring to Break Video Privacy Law
Wired News
The suit, filed by Cathryn Harris in the US District Court in Dallas, accuses Facebook of working with Blockbuster in violation of the Video Privacy

Poking at Google’s new privacy Dashboard
Washington Post (blog)
The reaction from privacy experts has been mixed. Ari Schwartz, vice president and chief operating officer at the Center for Democracy & Technology,

Google touts privacy and transparency with Dashboard
By Jose Vilches, TechSpot.com Looking to alleviate growing concerns from privacy advocates around the globe, Google has launched a new service that’s

Google Dashboard Enhances Privacy Control
To help users understand the privacy implications of its services, Google has created a unified view of the data associated with Google Accounts.

Facebook profile privacy: Take control, student style
I get emails all the time asking about Facebook privacy settings and those who are worried about certain things being discovered, and the employment

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