CPR for Monday, November 9, 2009

Forging a global privacy standard
By David TS Fraser
Canada’s own Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, has not surprisingly had a prominent role in the conference, chairing a plenary session on internet privacy. She was also a speaker at another plenary session on moving towards a
Slaw – www.slaw.ca/ 

Great features that invade your privacy
Today, technology makes it possible to have the flu, right here in the privacy of my own home! Wait a minute; privacy? If you weren’t sick before,

Advertisers face resistance to on-line tracking
The company also has set up a privacy education Web page and it provides consumers with examples of what kind of adverts and discounts they will receive if

What’s the definition of cloud computing?
What’s the definition of cloud computing? I keep asking myself that question and hearing different answers. Despite the frequent use of the term,

Cloud computing, virtualization proponents getting antsy
By Bob Brown , Network World , 11/06/2009 While many organizations have only begun down the cloud computing and virtualization roads in the past few years,

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