CPR for Friday, November 13, 2009

H1N1 consent forms raises concern
Toronto Sun – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
It has also led Ann Cavoukian’s office to investigate why at least one regional Cavoukian said that in the run-up to the mass immunization program,

Media Advisory – Privacy and data security issues to be discussed
Canada NewsWire (press release) – Toronto,Ontario,Canada
The informative CICA publication uniquely features a foreword written by Jennifer Stoddart , Privacy Commissioner of Canada and an introductory chapter by

Convicted murderer sues Wikipedia under privacy law
The lawsuit claims that German privacy law, designed to help criminals re-integrate into society, prevents the man being named in association with Walter

Privacy in online behavioral tracking and targeting — It’s time to protect
Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal
Another reason to be concerned about behavioral tracking is the threat of inappropriate data collection by the government, which often gets private

Facebook Tips: Staying Safe While Using Games and Apps
San Francisco Chronicle
Facebook’s privacy policy and privacy settings are ever-evolving, so stay up to date with its changes, says Wisniewski. Your privacy settings dashboard

The Low-Tech Reality of Identity Theft
Identity theft isn’t the purview of a few brilliant computer hackers. Most crimes are decidedly low tech, involving stealing documents and wallets,

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