CPR for Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A matter for a sitting Parliament
Globe and Mail
Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, gave Ottawa a list of six conditions this fall that would protect privacy, and Ottawa appears to have

Body Scanners To Be Installed In Canadian Airports: Report
Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, approved the use of the scanners in October, on the condition that the officer would view the image in a

Critics say security devices invade privacy of passengers
Winnipeg Free Press
Critics say the full-body scanners, which cost about $250000 each, are an invasion of privacy, a potential health risk and could even be seen as pornography

Privacy concerns likely to impede body scanners in Britain
USA Today
“Privacy campaigners and children’s rights groups say the technology, now being tested at Manchester Airport, violates British and European law by producing

Body scanning and airline passengers’ right to privacy
Washington Post
The government should adopt narrowly tailored security procedures that will be truly effective and the least invasive to Americans’ privacy.

Jonah Goldberg: I’ll trade my privacy for efficiency
Dallas Morning News
To listen to the experts, the only relevant choice is between privacy and security. But the average person already understands that privacy is something you

Kingston Admits “Secure” USB Drives Are Vulnerable
PC World
the DataTraveler BlackBox, the DataTraveler Secure – Privacy Edition, and the DataTraveler Elite – Privacy Edition, as being vulnerable to “a skilled

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