CPR for Thursday, January 7, 2010

Privacy czar to probe new airport security plans
AP OTTAWA — The federal privacy czar wants to know more about government plans to scrutinize passenger behaviour at Canadian airports.
Full body scanners could be used without violating privacy, says
and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian. “Improved airport security, however, need not come at the expense of privacy – both may be achieved together.

Privacy boss pans scans
Edmonton Sun
But that’s the uncomfortable warning from Alberta Privacy Commissioner Frank Work, following a federal decision to install full-body security scanners at

That naked image at airport security actually enhances your privacy
Globe and Mail
The “back-scatter” X-ray provides naked images of passengers – but in a way that increases airport security and protects privacy. The millimetre-wave X-ray

Opinion: Airplane safety is worth the loss of privacy
The Gazette (Montreal)
That’s right, due to federal privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart’s insistence, you’ll be free opt for the traditional method of having security people

FTC to examine cloud privacy concerns
28 is the second the agency is holding on online privacy issues. The first one was held in December and focused on the risks associated with online

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