Privacy complaint filed against Edmonton-based social-networking site
The Ottawa-based Public Interest Advocacy Centre filed a complaint with privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart Monday about the “unnecessary and

FTC Examines Privacy Complaint Against Facebook
PC Magazine
Somebody who is investigating social networks, however, is Jennifer Stoddart, Canada’s privacy commission. Stoddart announced Monday that her office is

Nexopia website accused of not protecting teens’ info
Hamilton Spectator
The Public Interest Advocacy Centre has filed a complaint with Jennifer Stoddart about Nexopia’s alleged “unnecessary and non-consensual use and disclosure

Proper procedures must be followed with public information
The ruling by Dr. Ann Cavoukian came down last week after a memory device with the health information, names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth and

Bing Data Retention Shift a Sign of Privacy Struggle
PC World
By Tony Bradley Microsoft responded to privacy concerns of the Article 29 committee, an organization made up of data protection officers from the countries

Google to Call for Creation of EU Privacy, Security Panel
PC World
He added that it is essential to find an appropriate balance between respecting users’ privacy and maintaining network security. “To do that we need to open

The FBI used faked terrorism emergencies to illegally obtain Americans’ phone
New York Daily News
FBI general counsel Valerie Caproni told the Washington Post that the FBI technically violated the Electronic Communications Privacy Act when agents invoked

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