CPR for Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzz — and you thought Facebook had privacy issues?

It’s natural that when you hear about a brand new Google app — especially one that’s obviously designed to confront Twitter and/or Facebook — the first

If Google Wave Is The Future, Google Buzz Is The Present

Since most of these items would work just fine using RSS-style feeds personalized to the person who is reading the feed (via privacy settings of the feed generating person), most modern Web 2.0 standards would do just fine with such a

Meet Google Buzz: Google goes social [live blog] | Between the …

10:52 am: Question 1 is about privacy and security and the short answer is that the company has built in tools to allow people to send both public and private messages and control who is interacting. Next question is about Wave and the

Google’s Bad Buzz: Microsoft, Yahoo Mock New Social Product …

What’s also becoming far more critical are privacy concerns, with new location-based services that broadcast your location to the world. Google is incorporating such a feature into Buzz for mobile phones. By default, according to Brin,

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