Ann Cavoukian – What is Biometric Encryption and Privacy by Design?
Johnny Ryan interviews Ann Cavoukian, the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, for the European Biometrics Forum.

Facebook’s privacy changes: When will it go too far (and will you even notice)?
ZDNet (blog)
Much of what you need to know about Facebook’s proposed privacy changes boils down to timing: Friday, 3:04 pm PDT. Why is the timing important?

Who Wants To Know? Social Networks and Privacy Issues
Technorati (blog)
Google has increasingly come under attack for compromising the privacy of its users, most recently with the company’s “remarketing” tool.

Browser Fingerprints: A Big Privacy Threat
PC World
Test your browser for unique identifiers without the risk: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a privacy advocacy group, has set up an interesting online

Keeping a Closer Eye on Employees’ Social Networking
New York Times (blog)
But there was a measure of privacy afforded by the sheer amount of information online. Automating the process makes it more likely that monitoring will

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