CPR for Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hydro failed to protect privacy, watchdog says
Toronto Star
Ontario’s privacy watchdog says Toronto Hydro Corporation must fix the “security shortcomings” that led to a breach of its e-billing system last year.

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner urges a creative approach to new …
Canada’s Privacy Commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, says privacy professionals must be more strategic and think outside the box in order to solve new privacy

Geolocation 101: How It Works, the Apps, and Your Privacy
PC World
Regardless of privacy concerns (which I’ll look at later in this article), it looks as though nothing will stop geolocation. Typically, geolocation apps do

Facebook Says Advertising is Not The Driver Behind Privacy Changes
Facebook March 29 said advertising is not the motivation behind proposed changes to its privacy policy that would let third-party Web sites access users’

Faster Forward: Facebook privacy changes would share user data with other sites
Washington Post
On Friday afternoon, Facebook announced a set of proposed changes to its privacy policy that could allow the popular social network to share

Secret Facebook app installs and other privacy snafus
Today’s lesson in social media privacy: You may have installed a Facebook app and not even know it. Recently a friend (we’ll call him “Bob”) signed up for a

Tech coalition pushes major rewrite of online privacy law
That law, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, or ECPA, is notoriously convoluted and difficult even for judges to follow.

Lawmakers Ask for FTC Investigation of Google Buzz
PC World
“Due to the high number of individuals whose online privacy is affected by tools like this — either directly or indirectly — we feel that these claims

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